Streatorland Historical Society Museum

photo_roamer2The Streatorland Historical Society was originally started in 1975. The museum was opened in 1986 and has since received scores of visitors from around the country as well as great attendance from the Streator area. The museum houses memorabilia from some of its most famous citizens such as Clyde Tombaugh, George "Honey Boy" Evans, Clarence Mulford author of Hopalong Cassidy, Burton Baskin (Baskin-Robbins), Edward Plumb (Musical director for Walt Disney's Fantasia & Bambi) and a host of other items representing industry and memories of Streator's rich history. The Historical Society moved May of 2022 to its new location of 109 E. Elm Street, across from the Streator City Park.

Streatorland Historical Society

109 E. Elm Street
Streator, IL 61364


Museum Hours
Weds-Sat 10am-3pm
Sun-Tues Closed
Other times available by appointment

Admission: Free



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